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I have been exploring and integrating essential processes of self awareness, healing and embodied awakening for many years — and I have a passion for sharing it.

Throughout my adult life, I have continued to explore wisdom traditions, maps of human experience (i.e., Integral Theory), systems of understanding patterns (i.e., the Enneagram, Human Design), and other practices of awareness, embodiment and awakening. I have followed curiosity and intuition as well as my own impulse to grow, heal and transform. I then have the opportunity to integrate what feels alive and helpful into what I offer to others and put out there in the world. My background includes traditional training as a psychotherapist (MEd, MSW) and work in the field of counseling and clinical social work. In 1994, I was exposed to the mind/body self awareness method of Focusing which provided me with an essential ingredient in my own evolution and a guiding philosophy of holding healing space for another. I went on to become an Inner Relationship Focusing teacher, mentoring with Ann Weiser Cornell and a certified Focusing Trainer and Coordinator with The International Focusing Institute. Focusing also turned out to be a gateway to a path of embodied awakening that has included meaningful connections to a handful of integral spiritual teachers and teachings.

In my current practice, I offer counseling sessions and guided Focusing sessions in person, on the phone or via Skype. There was a point in my own process where I experienced an increased sensitivity and ability to connect through my hands. This is a capacity, along with many other capacities, that I witness coming on board for many people as they track their unique unfolding. A newer facet of my practice, therefore, is the option of incorporating safe and appropriate healing touch and energy work. When appropriate and agreed upon, light hands on or off body (not massage or bodywork) can be integrated into a session to support and catalyze the inner work. Each session is an opportunity to co-create what is called for in that moment.

My guiding principle in this work is that I am not “doing something to” the individual. Rather, I am making a connection and inviting the inherent wisdom of that person’s being to come forward — holding space for what wants to happen next to move into more integration and wholeness.

Group offerings include Focusing classes of all levels, as well as workshops that integrate Focusing with other modalities. Occasionally, I have the opportunity to host other gatherings that support personal and spiritual growth, community and creative expression.

In March of 2015, I have begun facilitating my own Focusing Professional training group. This is a two year (local and in person) training to become a certified Focusing professional through the International Focusing Institute. I am also a faculty member and co-mentor for the online Inner Relationship Focusing program to train Focusing professionals with Ann Weiser Cornell through Focusing Resources.

Beginning in 2008, I have been a part of Trillium Awakening (formerly known as Waking Down in Mutuality), a lineage founded by Saniel Bonder, devoted to embodied spiritual awakening and healing the spirit/matter split. In December 2012, I became a mentor in the work and have enjoyed the privilege of supporting members of the community in landing fully in themselves and in life.

In 2014, I completed a year of professional trainings in Somatic Experiencing, a powerful method of working with body processes to release trauma, founded by Peter Levine. This work shares a foundation with Focusing, the attention to the “felt sense,” which was first identified by Eugene Gendlin, the founder and author of Focusing. I feel enriched and empowered by my experience with these complementary modalities that share an emphasis on compassion, awareness, embodiment and respect for each human being’s inherent ability to heal and evolve.

I have also gone through a process to become a Oneness Blessing giver and welcome the opportunities to offer this “deeksha” or blessing of connectedness to those who are interested in receiving it.

It is a privilege to help you discover your capacity for both groundedness and spaciousness and to access your essence and inner wisdom. Together, we align with your Life Forward Movement and lean into your next steps toward healing, growth and transformation.

My husband and I live in Chapel Hill, NC, where we have raised three young adult children. Recently, I created a beautiful movement and workshop studio where I host offerings of Integrated Life Practices.

Education and Certification:

  • MSW, School of Social Work, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1987
  • M.Ed, Guidance and Counseling, School of Education, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1980
  • B.A, Psychology and Religion, Duke University, 1979
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker,  2000-Present
  • Certified Focusing Trainer, International Focusing Institute, 1997
  • Certifying Coordinator, International Focusing Institute, 2002
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