Peru 143Sessions

  • I offer individual counseling sessions for 1 or 1.5 hours in my office in Chapel Hill, on the phone or Skype. Sessions may be regularly scheduled, occur in a series, or be periodic.
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About Counseling Sessions with Integrated Life Practices

One-on-one sessions are an opportunity to be present to your direct experiencing and align with your next steps to growth, healing and transformation.

I am integrating my training in clinical social work, counseling, Focusing and other somatic, mindfulness, and energy healing practices to meet you where you are, and assist you along your unique journey.

Sessions might include sharing, Focusing, somatic practices, energy work or movement. Compassionate presence, empathic listening and a fundamental trust in the intelligence of your being are at the heart of my offerings. It is my intention to create a healing container and alliance that provides space for you to explore, be and further become your self, and to directly experience your essence and vitality.

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