In December 2012, I became a mentor in the deep work of embodied awakening through Trillium Awakening (formerly known as Waking Down in Mutuality).  Trillium Awakening is a spiritual lineage that embraces the paradox of the human and divine dimensions of life and an attention to conscious mutual relationships. For more information about Trillium Awakening, click here.

I have also mentored many students in becoming a Focusing professional: one on one through my own practice, in collaboration with Focusing Resources (Ann Weiser Cornell), and currently through my two year local group training program. See Certification.

There is a mentoring relationship that can evolve that is not necessarily with the Focusing or Trillium Awakening paradigm. Depending upon the needs and intentions of the individual, as well as the interpersonal resonance, I may be able to serve as a kind of mentor or “mid-wife” for your process of embodied awakening.

I am extremely grateful for the role of teachers and mentors, past and present, in my own life.  And it is an honor to step into that role myself in a variety of ways.

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