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  • I offer individual counseling sessions for 1 or 1.5 hours in my office in Chapel Hill, on the phone or Skype. Sessions may be regularly scheduled, occur in a series, or be periodic.
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About Counseling Sessions with Integrated Life Practices

One-on-one sessions are an opportunity to be present to your direct experiencing and align with your next steps to growth, healing and transformation.

I am integrating my training in clinical social work, counseling, Focusing and other somatic, mindfulness, and energy healing practices to meet you where you are, and assist you along your unique journey.

Sessions might include sharing, Focusing, somatic practices, energy work or movement. Compassionate presence, empathic listening and a fundamental trust in the intelligence of your being are at the heart of my offerings. It is my intention to create a healing container and alliance that provides space for you to explore, be and further become your self, and to directly experience your essence and vitality.




Individual guided Focusing sessions, Focusing-oriented counseling, Focusing workshops, and mentoring. Sessions can be in person, on the phone or Skype.  Workshops are usually held in The Studio.

About Focusing

Focusing is woven into my life and my work. I was first exposed to Focusing in 1994 and began training shortly thereafter.  I received Focusing teacher certification from The Focusing Institute in 1997 and became a Certifying Coordinator in 2002.  I mentored with Ann Weiser Cornell in Inner Relationship Focusing and have been a recommended teacher with Focusing Resources for many years.

What is Focusing?

Focusing is a mind/body process and method of inner attention which you can use to bring clarity, movement and growth into all areas of your life.  When you Focus, you pay compassionate attention to a holistic body awareness (a felt sense) that holds meaning in your life. You learn to notice and listen to these felt senses and receive the deep level of information and experience that they hold. Because the whole self is involved, the result of Focusing is not only greater knowledge and insight but directly experienced life change.  You understand yourself better, you feel better, and you act in ways that are more likely to create the life that you want.

Focusing provides a practical and specific framework for tapping into an inner awareness that is more than our thoughts and feelings. We have all heard that it is good to be in touch with ourselves, Focusing teaches you how.  The process of Focusing can be used by itself or in combination with countless other modalities, including psychotherapy, bodywork, and creative pursuits.

Based upon research into personal change, the principles and methods of Focusing were originally identified and formulated by philosopher and psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin and introduced to a wider audience with his book, Focusing, in 1978. For more information about Focusing, click here.

About Inner Relationship Focusing

I have been teaching Inner Relationship Focusing workshops to groups and incorporating it into my individual sessions for over fifteen years.

It has also been my privilege to mentoring or co-mentor several trainers in training.  Recently I have joined Ann Weiser Cornell’s newly developed training program for Focusing Professionals as a co-mentor and faculty member.

What is Inner Relationship Focusing?

Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) is a certain kind of Focusing developed by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin. IRF is a well articulated and evolving healing modality that is being taught and practiced across the globe. As with all Focusing, once the process is learned, it can be done in a peer to peer exchange (called Focusing partnership) and the benefits can affect all areas of your life.

IRF emphasizes a state of awareness referred to as “Self-in-Presence”.  This is a state of being that is open, present and allowing to all kinds of internal experience, without being caught up or merged with it.  The inner relationship refers to the relationship between Self-in-Presence and anything that comes up in your experience.

A great introduction to this work is The Power of Focusing: A Guide to Emotional Self Healing by Ann Weiser Cornell.  Her recently published book, Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change is a wonderful resource for healing professionals wanting to apply Focusing.

For more information about Inner Relationship Focusing and/or the training for Focusing Professionals, click here.



I serve as a mentor for a select number of individuals who wish to become Focusing professionals through the Focusing Resources Focusing Professionals Program. For  details of the program, click here.

Recently I have become a mentor in the deep work of embodied awakening through Waking Down in Mutuality (WDM).  WDM is a spiritual lineage that embraces the paradox of the human and divine dimensions of life and an attention to conscious mutual relationships. For more information about WDM, click here.
I am extremely grateful for the role of teachers and mentors, past and present, in my own life.  And it is an honor to step into that role myself in a variety of ways.


  • MSW, School of Social Work, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1987
  • M.Ed, Guidance and Counseling, School of Education, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1980
  • B.A, Psychology and Religion, Duke University, 1979

Sliding Scale Fees: I recognize that the ability to pay for sessions and workshops varies with the individual and circumstance. Therefore with the intention of making this work as accessible as possible, I offer a sliding scale fee. The usual scale for individual sessions is $60-$100/hr. The payment is decided by you based upon a clear assessment of your ability to pay and your honoring of the value of the exchange.

Scheduling: To schedule an appointment, please fill out the contact form and I will respond as soon as I am able, by phone or email, to arrange a a time. Or leave me a confidential voicemail message at (919) 489-5408.


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