“Today I am writing you just overflowing with gratitude – to you and your teaching and to Focusing itself!!  Something has clicked – I am stepping into this work with confidence and gratitude – I can do this!  It feels like “this work is mine!”  I am claiming it!!! There is so much still to learn – which is exciting and doesn’t seem to take away from what I already can provide to my client. Perhaps this is what good enough feels like? In our group, you have such a big heart for all of us. I really have enjoyed your patient holding and nurturance —allowing what needs to come with my learning, no pressure,  just waiting with the expectation that it all will evolve — which it did.  This part in me that feels like it never has gotten this before, has soaked it up and I have really taken it in!!! Thanks for all you have done, Cathy!”
Elke RuggaberCertified Focusing Trainer and Presence Coach

“Cathy Pascal is someone I highly recommend, both as a counselor and as a Focusing teacher. Her warm, grounded presence and her compassionate empathy make her a very transformative person to be around. She’s a shining example of someone living a Focusing life.”
Ann Weiser Cornell, author of The Power of Focusing

“Insightful, gentle, open, safe, curious, compassionate. These are the first things that come to mind when I think of Cathy Pascal. I have known Cathy for several years. She never waivers from being true to herself in a way that welcomes those around her to feel safe and encouraged to look inside and find what is true for them. As a Focusing guide and a counselor, she is excellent.”
Cielle Backstrom, teacher of Waking Down in Mutuality

“In Cathy’s Focusing classes, she is able to ignite my curiosity, as well as break down the material into understandable, detailed and well-timed steps. Cathy is a unique teacher who is able to create a safe, supportive and nurturing environment — while also leading deep, insightful and intellectually stimulating discussions and experiences.”
Janice Geller, MA, LPC, LMBT, DC-DMT — teacher of Body Mind Centering

“As for you my dear, you showed up full on. I thought you made yourself available, vulnerable and overall positioned yourself to serve each individual at the retreat. That is a big job, and with all your grace you created a safe lovely landing zone for folks to land. I am honored to call myself one of your fans. You are the real deal.”
Dan Will, teacher of Waking Down in Mutuality

“I highly recommend Cathy Pascal’s work as a personal growth guide and as a workshop leader. I attended her Introduction to Focusing weekend and was very impressed with the care that Cathy took to make sure that every attendee was comfortable, safe and learning the material. The Focusing work itself gave me a whole new perspective on how I view my experience of the world. If you’re thinking of working with Cathy, do it!  You’ll be glad you did.”
— Jim Jubelirer

“Thank you again for the beautiful focusing weekend, it is still with me. I have easily kept a deeper connection to my inner sense of life which helps everything go a bit easier. I really appreciated how you met and stayed with each workshop participant. There was a wide spectrum of personalities and experience in the room. I learned a lot from staying with you as you connected with each student and addressed the various concerns and challenges they raised. The organic process of learning by doing works well for me.”
— CL

“Your Focusing workshop helped me connect my emotional experience to my bodily felt experience. It has also really helped me settle into the listening space. I realize that I had been trying to figure out ‘how to fix’ and now I am becoming more and more comfortable with ‘being with.’ I’m grateful, thank you!”
— Diane Pelavin

“Before your workshop,  I thought I was in touch with my body, but now there’s a whole new dialog, with much greater awareness. Additionally, the workshop increased my ability to reach a deeper consciousness, especially while meditating.”
— Sol Pelavin

“We were put completely at ease in a space designed for comfort for each participant. The facilitator had a peaceful vibration, no rush, a feeling of acceptance permeated the whole class. Each practice experience was so great…it’s always so wonderful to be heard in such a complete way. When we have our attention to our inner life be the guide for our share with one another well, that is just so powerful and nourishing. Thank you, Cathy.” 
— PL

“The entire workshop encouraged connection to my body’s needs and feelings and gave the space and time to honor them, so I really ‘got it’ from that experience that I can be a big as I want to be in this life. There was an emphasis on equality, not hierarchy, and finding strength through vulnerability, so I could take courage in the examples of the others.”
— KK

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and studying under Cathy for years, including receiving many Focusing sessions she faciliated. As our process together deepened, we both spontaneously opened to other types of healing work. Her nonjudgmental presence communicates a deep permission to move forward and into your self. I recommend her highly as both a teacher and a healer.”
Tyler B.

“Most of all, Cathy, thank you for your quiet confidence, your presence with each of us and our experiences, your generous and sure guidance. I feel truly reconnected to the depths within and all around me. Instead of feeling at the center of conflicting winds, not knowing where to turn my attention next, I feel more comfortable in my role and the place where these winds meet and cross.”
Ann Humphreys, hoop dance instructor

“I want to thank you again for hosting the Focusing workshop last Sunday. We are all beneficiaries of the years of work you have put into Inner Relationship Focusing. I am deeply grateful to you and your presence. My experience of you as a facilitator/teacher is that you are in the moment and listening to inner guidance, which is the Focusing process itself.  You embody the teaching and have so much to offer. I was thrilled to hear of the various ideas you are coming up with to use Focusing along with other modalities. You are a beautiful teacher and person. I appreciate the work we have done together.”
Kay C.

“Whether in a Focusing training, individual session, or moving together at ecstatic dance, Cathy creates a safe and loving space that honors all that arises with compassion and gentle curiosity. In Cathy’s presence, I am aware of the sacred nature of all experience. I am inspired by the way she so beautifully weaves together her deep commitment to her spiritual journey with a joyous and playful embodiment of her humanity.”
Coco Rosenblatt-Ferrell, founder and facilitator of The Kindness Method and teacher of Heart Math

“You really facilitated an atmosphere of trust and openness. You have a voice like the sun, if the sun made sounds. What a gifted teacher you are, Cathy.”
Sarah D.

“This evening we had Cathy’s Inner Relationship Focusing class. The tone was settling after of day of much stimuli. She’s a real angel. Having been a healer all of her adult life, her presence was nurturing and held a lot of solidarity…..She guided us through a mediative exploration with her voice. I had a couple profound moments personally. We shared with partners afterwards which led to more revelations for me. We did a couple eye gazing exercises as well.  My partner and I felt the changes from it on both ends. I have a lot of respect for the work this woman does and we all benefited from our explorations in her workshop.
Hope True, excerpt from her blog from Sacred Circularities Retreat, Bali 2013

“The entire workshop encouraged connection to my body’s needs and my feelings, and gave the space and time to honor them. I really “got it” from that experience that I can be as big as I want to be in this life.”
Kari K.

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